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-::The Rules::-
1. Gamemode: HLCCL
2. Maps: 7th_Path, Ag_Crossfire, Agony, Boot_Camp, Boot_campx, Bounce, Cabrito, Combat2, Crossfire, Dabo, Darn, Datacore, DataX, Doublecross, Dm_dust, Echo, Eden, Elixir, Endcamp, Farewell, Fling, Frenzy, Frenzy-Elite, Gasworks, Havoc, Homeworld, Isotonic, Killbox, Last_Call, Lambda_bunker, Lemon, Lost_Village1, Lost_Village2, Moss_Pot, No_remorse, Olvidada_Muerte, Outcry, Rapidcore, Rats, Rebellion, Rustmill, Scary_1, Scary_2, Snark_pit, Stalkx, Stalkyard, Subtransit, Tig_Bunk, Undertow, Vengeance, Vertigo, Xbounce.
3. Each player plays his home map once. If the result is 1:1, there will be decider map.
4. Screenshots have to be taken at the end of every map and posted into the forum.

5. Also you have to record demos. The admins can ask you for them any time.

6. Using spawnmines/spawnsatchels/teleportmines/ghostmines/cheats are not allowed.If a player kill his opponent with any of these motods, 5 frags will be removed from his scores per each kill.

7. If a player drops during the match he can rejoin and allow himself everytime.
8. If a player go out of the map, he has to type kill in the console, otherwise he can be punished.
9. If a player doesnt show up at the date of the match, the other player may choose if the match will get resheduled or if a default win will be taken. The resheduled match has to be played BEFORE the next match of the next week. You can only reschedule a total of 2 games maximum.
10. Any rule breaking will be dealt with accordingly.
11. Admins: Verba, Paulh4x, Worldspawn, The_Falcon.
Players must inform the admins before the match.
12. Servers:      XaV  pmers2    pmers3    pmers4       Amzi       Ag.Fra
If both players agree, they can use different servers from these in the list.
! Possible further evolutions and adjustments.
 if there is trouble about something- an admin will decide what happenes
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