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- 4Fun2Win CUP RULES -

-::Da Rules::-

-mode: HLCCL

-maps: maps: Ag_Crossfire, Agony, Boot_Camp, Boot_campx, Bounce, Crossfire,
Datacore, Endcamp, Farewell, Frenzy, Gasworks, Havoc, Isotonic, Lost_Village1,
Lost_Village2, Rapidcore, Rustmill, Scary_1, Stalkx,
Stalkyard, Undertow, Vengeance, Vertigo, Xbounce.
-Double Elimination system.
Every team play its home map once. if 1:1 there will be decider map.
for winning a map a team gets 1 point, otherwise 0.
-The matches can be played on any server if both teams agree. The server needs to be a secure server with "pure 3".

-Screenshots have to be taken at the end of every map and posted into the forums.

-Also you have to record demos. The admins can ask you for them any time.

-Using spawnmines/spawnsatchels/teleportmines/ghostmines/ 1st time he will get -3 frags, 2nd time -5 frags, 3rd time he will get def.lose/cheats are not allowed.

-If a player drops during the match he can rejoin and allow himself everytime.

-If a team or player doesnt show up at the date of the match, the other team may choose if the match will get resheduled or if a default win will decides. -The resheduled match has to be played BEFORE the next match of the next week. Any rule breaking will be dealt with accordingly
-Admins: Verba, Worldspawn.
! Possible further evolutions and adjustments.
 if there is trouble about something- an admin will decide what happenes
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